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Reclaim Your Youth

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

We have all looked in the mirror and wished we could take a magic wand and erase

all of our imperfections, especially our fine lines or wrinkles! Botox & Fillers are the magic wrinkle "erasers." We would like to educate you on Botox and Cosmetic Fillers.

The injectable revolution is the driving force behind noninvasive cosmetic treatments. Injectables have come a long way in reversing and preventing visible signs of aging. Just about everybody can benefit from an injectable at some point in time to enhance their age appropriate natural beauty.

In order to fully understand how to combat fine lines and wrinkles, it is important to

understand the aging process. When we were youthful, we had just the right amount

of fat, in just the right places. As time passes, areas of our face begin to sink and sag and then we have this lovely thing called gravity! If we could only walk around on our hands all day, we would not worry about getting older!

We have fat pads under our skin, which with time dissolve. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! This happens to all of us! No one is immune! Other areas of our face gain weight, especially around the mouth and jowl area. Environmental hazards also

speed the aging process, causing hyperpigmentation and damage the skin.

This why a daily SPF is so important! SPF is more important when the sun is not shinning.

If your desire is to achieve a youthful, vibrant appearance without subjecting yourself to drastic, invasive, long-term procedures, then Botox and fillers are an easy, painless and essentially zero downtime solution! With instant gratification!

Now that you have heard a back-story on the aging process, let's get into preventative measures. Botox is a must to prevent ravages of aging. It relaxes the muscles to stop creases and wrinkles caused by facial expressions. Botox is typically injected in the upper face, such as the forehead and around the eyes. Botox usually lasts around 3-4 months.

Our faces constantly "sink and sag." Dermal fillers are usually made up of hyaluronic acid. Radiesse is the only filler on the market that is calcium based. Filler and similar substances are used to “fill in" and replenish the volume we lose daily. The areas which typically need enhancement include: Under Eyes "tear trough", cheeks, mid-face, the pesky lines from the nose to the mouth (nasal labia folds), lips and marionette lines (lines from mouth to chin.)

Botox and fillers are different substances designed for different uses, they are

often combined all in one treatment. For instance, someone may use Botox to

correct lines between the eyes and a filler to correct smile lines around the mouth.

The most important factor you need to consider when being injected is the

experience of the injector, how much time they devote to injecting cosmetic

injectables and always check the photographic proof of their results. Each filler

has different properties and achieves different results in different areas and the

experience and skill of the injector make a huge difference in the outcome. Knowing facial anatomy is a must for a safe and successful experience because your face is seen in 3-D.


At Serenity Aesthetics OC, we devote most of our time to cosmetic injectables and have advanced training in facial and neck anatomy making us the Masters in our field in advanced filler techniques such as: "5 Minute Nose Jobs," forehead wrinkle correction, surgical and acne scar revision, cellulite, cobblestoning of the chin, and V-Lifts (total jaw enhancement and sculpting ), temples, earlobes, eyebrows, hands, knees and buttock dimpling just to name a few.

We always offer complimentary consultation. Reference this blog post and receive 20% off Botox/Fillers.

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