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Is ALL BOTOX® created Equal?

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

There is a new deal and special for BOTOX® every time you open Social Media, your e-mail or Groupon. They seem so enticing and since most are on a budget, we purchase the ‘deal’ not knowing the consequences! When in actuality the savings, really aren’t saving us money! In fact, you lose money! What you receive at one practice, you may not be receiving the same at another!

You may be asking: Why? How is this possible? Isn’t BOTOX® the same no matter where you go? Unfortunately, the efficacy, or the potency can vary depending on where you go. BOTOX® is shipped by the manufacturer in a vial containing 100 Units of the vacuum-dried neurotoxin complex and is received as a powder form. Since it comes as a powder form, it needs to be made into a liquid form to become active units of BOTOX®. The physician must add saline to the vial of BOTOX® to reconstitute.

Now, this is where things become confusing. While every practice receives the same product from the manufacturer with the same instructions, you can add more saline then is recommended. As sad as it is, many places do not care about customer satisfaction! While you are thinking you are receiving a correct dosage of BOTOX® you are not. It is important not to confuse the dosage of saline with the dosage of BOTOX®. Physicians who are adding more saline than the recommended dosage are injecting less effective injections of BOTOX®. It is your right to ask your Provider, “What is the reconstitution ratio you use?” Listen carefully as they answer!

BOTOX® advertising can be equally disturbing! A lot of Groupon and other practices advertise ‘One Area for $99!’ Although this may seem like a GREAT value. Some consider Crow’s feet as two separate areas! This ‘deal’ now becomes an advertising scam to get you to walk through their doors.

It is not uncommon for the dosage of BOTOX® to vary for men. Since men usually have stronger muscles, to receive the desired correction, they typically need a larger dose.

At Serenity Aesthetics OC we pride ourselves in using the proper recommended reconstruction ratio! Rest assured when you purchase 20 units of BOTOX®, you are receiving 20 units of BOTOX®. We sell units of BOTOX®, not units of saline! Whether or not you come to us, we want you to be educated on the harsh realities that ALL BOTOX® is NOT created equal!

We created our Blog to be different than any other Blog. We expose information other practices don’t want you to know! Our philosophy is when you do the right thing, you have NOTHING to hide! We want you to be properly educated!

Thank you for your support and feedback! Message us with any questions or comments! We love hearing from you!

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