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How do we prevent and reverse the aging of our skin?

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

How can we prevent the signs of aging? One of the most important in-expensive ways is to protect ourselves from the damaging rays of the Sun. That's right sun worshipers, a daily sunscreen is recommended. When the sun is not shinning and it is slightly overcast, the sun's UVB rays, the ones that cause skin cancer, are more harmful than when the sun is shinning bright in the sky. 

It is important to eat a well balanced diet as well as eating an anti-inflammatory diet. Remember, certain foods might trigger acne which leads to scarring and pigmentation.

The use medical grade skin care products is recommended as these products have been scientifically proven to generate collagen, regenerate elastin and rebuild the hyaluronic acid in our skin. Many of these ingredients help to speed the skin cycle, exfoliate our skin and keep the pores clean. Over-the-counter products do not have the concentration of ingredients to provide transformation of the skin. They might give the skin good hydration and maybe a little bit of exfoliation but nowhere near the rejuvenating properties of the medical grade skin care.

Another great way to prevent pre-mature aging skin is to receive regular skin treatments such as Red LED TherapyCBD Infused HydraFacial Treatments, as well as more aggressive treatments such as Ultherapy or the Liquid FaceLift.The more aggressive the treatments are, the deeper they penetrate into the layers of skin to help build collagen and elastin.

How do skin treatments help the skin?

They do a controlled injury of the skin and the skin reacts to it by boosting collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid production. It’s important that the injury not be too great because if the injury is too deep or too severe your skin might end up with scarring or uneven texture.

It is important to have these treatments in a very controlled environment, by trained professionals, experienced in the equipment and skin healing. Skin treatments should be repeated frequently in a safe and controlled manner.

Why do we get shadowing in the face as we age?

A big component is the loss of subcutaneous fat pads  which are all through our face, around our eyes, under eye through and our cheeks.

All of these fat pads are diminishing and changing position. This leads to the shadowing and the sagging that we experience as we age. All of the bone loss contributes to the sagging of the tissues that hang down.

As we are our bones shrink and the entire skull is getting smaller.

We have loss of bone in the orbital rim which gets bigger.The opening to the nose gets bigger which adds to the deepening into the nasolabial fold.The cheekbone recedes backward so we get a drop of the cheek.The bone where the teeth are connected diminishes as well.The mandible (the jawbone) gets smaller both in length on the side as well as the thickness from front to back.


How we used to treat facial aging and how we treat it now.

The skin care and beauty industry is much more advanced with several cutting edge technologies available and new plastic surgeons showing up daily. Twenty years ago the understanding of aging was that the face starts to sag because of how many years we have been exposed to the effects of gravity. It is now understood that the reason that things fall down is that we are losing the structure underneath the skin.

We are losing the bone, the fat and the skin is thinning and everything is falling.

Historically the focus was on just lifting the skin, so surgeons lift it up with surgery but now because we understand that the bone is shrinking and the fat pads are shrinking, it makes a lot more sense to restore that volume.

Serenity Aesthetics OC is constantly adding the most cutting edge technologies and our licensed technicians are masters in their techniques. We are the best option for nonsurgical facelifts in Irvine, CA. We recognize volume loss as a big component to facial aging. We strive to restore volume in the entire face to achieve natural looking results and have created a nonsurgical liquid facelift which uses Ultherapy and cosmetic fillers for one of the best anti-aging procedures and treatments offered in the greater Orange County Area.

To combat facial aging it is important to understand facial anatomy, and that the technique is appropriate to what is occurring with each person, this knowledge is imperative to be able to customize anti-aging treatments. Volumizing is really the key to a more youthful face, as well as improving the texture and thickness of the skin with medical grade skin care and preventative skin treatments.

Serenity Aesthetics OC MedSpa specializes in the best nonsurgical facelifts, liquid facelifts with little to no downtime, best anti aging procedures and treatments of skin tightening, ultherapy, cosmetic fillers, neck lifts, botox, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Corona del Mar and the Greater Orange County Area.

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