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Being Kind, Daily Meditation & Slowing Brainwaves Can Restore Fountain of Youth!

You heard correctly! A simple act of kindness along with small lifestyle changes can add up to 10 years to most people’s lives. Studies show aging is composed of 10% genetics and 90% is lifestyle choices! Implementing simple daily practices to shed stress and boosting relaxation can have a massive impact on not only how you age but how long you live.

Scientists have discovered that the longest nerve in the body (vagus) can be stimulated with Acts of Kindness and Compassion! Recent studies also show inflammation as a primary cause of aging. Serving as a ‘brake’ on inflammation in the body.

Listening to binaural beats is a great holistic way to improve your health and overcome a variety of ailments, as well as restoring your fountain of youth! Looking better and feeling better has never been easier! Binaural beats work by balancing our brain hemispheres as well as balancing our nervous system and energy system. When the two hemispheres of our brain are synchronized with each other – “unlocked and unused” potential and resources in our subconscious mind (connected to the right hemisphere) becomes awakened in this synchronization.

Important: To experience the full benefit from audio with binaural beats you have to use headphones. Headphones allow you to hear the various pitches in left or right ear!

Delta Brainwaves 0.1Hz – 3.5Hz